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  1. Potato Park Declaration
    International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples
    Jun 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  2. Ecosystem-based adaptation: Question-based guidance for assessing effectiveness
    Hannah Reid, Nathalie Seddon, Edmund Barrow, Charlotte Hicks, Xiaoting Hou-​Jones, Ali Raza Rizvi, Dilys Roe, Sylvia Wicander
    May 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  3. Making ecosystem-based adaptation effective: a framework for defining qualification criteria and quality standards
    M Bertram, Edmund Barrow, Katherine Blackwood, Ali Raza Rizvi, Hannah Reid, S von Scheliha-​Dawid
    May 2017, Book/Report - FEBA
  4. Pocket guide to capacity building for climate change
    Anju Sharma (series editor)
    May 2017, Book/Report - ecbi
  5. Developing city resilience strategies: lessons from ICLEI and ACCCRN
    Diane Archer, Will Monteith, Helen Scott, Steve Gawler
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  6. Money where it matters: financing the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement through local finance
    Sian Lewis, Clare Shakya, Paul Steele
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  7. Resilience planning in Asian cities: lessons from the ICLEI–ACCCRN process
    William Monteith, Diane Archer, Helen Scott, Steve Gawler
    Apr 2017, Briefing - IIED
  8. Climate-smart people-centred conservation: a new framework for socially-just conservation in a changing climate
    Dilys Roe
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  9. Climate-smart people-centred conservation: a synthesis report
    Dilys Roe, Francesca Booker, Phil Franks
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
  10. Climate-smart pro-poor conservation: a literature review of theory and practice
    Dilys Roe, Francesca Booker, Phil Franks
    Apr 2017, Book/Report - IIED
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