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  1. Climate change responses in a context of uncertainty
    Susannah Fisher, Ben Garside
    Dec 2016, Briefing - IIED
  2. Exploring the role of social learning in addressing climate uncertainties in district planning in Uganda
    Marissa Van Epp, Margaret Barihaihi, Susannah Fisher
    Dec 2016, Book/Report - IIED
  3. Measuring effective and adequate adaptation
    Brianna Craft, Susannah Fisher
    Dec 2016, Book/Report - IIED
  4. Planning and implementing climate change responses in the context of uncertainty
    Susannah Fisher, Ben Garside, Marissa Van Epp, David Dodman, Stefano D’Errico, Simon Anderson, Liz Carlile
    Dec 2016, Book/Report - IIED
  5. The political economy of low carbon resilient development
    Edited by Neha Rai, Susannah Fisher
    Nov 2016, Book/Report - Routledge
  6. A bottom-up approach: Identifying national standard climate change indicators for Uganda
    Tracy C Kajumba, Irene Karani, Susannah Fisher
    Mar 2016, Book/Report - IIED
  7. Financing inclusive low-carbon resilient development: Case studies of the Development Bank of Rwanda and the National Domestic Biogas Programme
    John Rwirahira, Susannah Fisher
    Oct 2015, Book/Report - IIED
  8. National experiences can inform a global goal for climate change adaptation
    Brianna Craft, Susannah Fisher
    Apr 2015, Briefing - IIED
  9. Strengthening frameworks to monitor and evaluate climate adaptation in Uganda
    Irene Karani, Tracy C Kajumba, Susannah Fisher, Rose Ochieng
    Apr 2015, Briefing - IIED
  10. Low carbon resilient development and gender equality in the least developed countries
    Susannah Fisher, Rachel Mohun
    Mar 2015, Book/Report - IIED
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