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  1. ForBInc: Forest business incubation toolkit by and for Forest and Farm Producer Organisations
    Anna Bolin, Duncan Macqueen, Martin Greijmans, Sophie Grouwels, Kanimang Camara, Linda Ndethiu
    Feb 2018, Toolkit - IIED
  2. Forest business incubation: Towards sustainable forest and farm producer organisation (FFPO) businesses that ensure climate resilient landscapes
    Duncan Macqueen, Anna Bolin
    Feb 2018, Research report - IIED
  3. Measured development: options to distinguish and measure the impacts of business models of forest and farm producers
    Duncan Macqueen, Anna Bolin, Shoana Humphries, Jeff Campbell, Jhony Zapata
    Feb 2018, Working paper - FAO, Rome
  4. Opportunities and approaches to supporting: community forest enterprises - proceedings of the first CoNGOs learning event, Kribi, Cameroon (18-20 July 2017)
    Duncan Macqueen, Elaine Harty, Anna Bolin
    Oct 2017, Event material - IIED
  5. Advisory inputs on strengthening the technical capacity of Community Based Forest Enterprises (CBFE) in Indonesia
    Anna Bolin, Duncan Macqueen
    Jun 2017, Project material - IIED
  6. Risk management for locally controlled forest business - securing the future: Proceedings of the fifth international Forest Connect workshop
    Anna Bolin, Elaine Harty, Duncan Macqueen
    Mar 2017, Event/workshop report - IIED
  7. Unlocking barriers to financing sustainable SMEs: uphill struggle or attainable ambition?
    Isilda Nhantumbo, Xiaoting Hou Jones, Anna Bolin, Geraldine Warren
    Nov 2016, IIED Briefing - IIED
  8. Mayor seguridad en el negocio forestal: Caja de herramientas sobre gestión de riesgos, para uso de empresas de control local
    Anna Bolin, Duncan Macqueen, Martin Greijmans, Shoana Humphries, Juan José Ochaeta Castellanos
    Aug 2016, Toolkit - IIED
  9. Increasing private sector involvement and investment in forestry in Nepal
    Sony Baral, Rajendra Khanal, Yam Malla, Anna Bolin, Pauline Buffle, Bharati Pathak, Jagannath Poudel
    Apr 2016, IIED Briefing - IIED
  10. Securing forest business: A risk management toolkit for locally controlled forest businesses
    Anna Bolin, Duncan Macqueen, Martin Greijmans, Shoana Humphries, Juan José Ochaeta Castellanos
    Mar 2016, Toolkit - IIED
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