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  1. What is biocultural heritage?
    Krystyna Swiderska, Alejandro Argumedo
    Apr 2017, Report/paper - IIED
  2. ¿Que es el Patrimonio Biocultural?
    Krystyna Swiderska, Alejandro Argumedo
    Apr 2017, Report/paper - IIED
  3. SDG2: achieving food security, sustainability and resilience using genetic diversity and indigenous knowledge
    Krystyna Swiderska, Alejandro Argumedo, Yiching Song, Ajay Rastogi, Nawraj Gurung, Chemuku Wekesa
    Dec 2016, IIED Briefing - IIED
  4. Ayni, Ayllu, Yanantin and Chanincha: The Cultural Values Enabling Adaptation to Climate Change in Communities of the Potato Park, in the Peruvian Andes
    Rory Walshe, Alejandro Argumedo
    Jan 2016, Journal article - oekom verlag
  5. Designing an effective biocultural heritage indication labelling system. Consultation document
    Graham Dutfield, Alejandro Argumedo, Krystyna Swiderska
    Aug 2015, Project material - IIED
  6. Biocultural heritage territories
    Alejandro Argumedo, Krystyna Swiderska
    Nov 2014, Project flyer - IIED
  7. Mountain Communities Workshop on Climate Change and Biocultural Heritage
    Krystyna Swiderska, Alejandro Argumedo
    Oct 2014, Event/workshop report - IIED
  8. Collective trademarks and biocultural heritage: towards new indications of distinction for indigenous peoples in the Potato Park, Peru
    Alejandro Argumedo
    Mar 2013, Issue paper - IIED
  9. Descolonizando la investigaciónacción: el protocolo biocultural del Parque de la Papa para la distribución de beneficios (PLA 65)
    Alejandro Argumedo
    Sep 2012, Journal article - IIED
  10. Decolonising action-research: the Potato Park biocultural protocol for benefit-sharing (PLA 65)
    Alejandro Argumedo
    Jun 2012, Journal article - IIED
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