IIED Briefing Papers
Pastoralism pays: new evidence from the Horn of Africa
Caroline King-Okumu, Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Eshetu Yimer
Oct 2015, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Making the most of variability: innovative rangeland management in China
Yanbo Li, Gongbuzeren, Wenjun Li
Aug 2015, Briefing - IIED
Resource Atlas of Isiolo County, Kenya: Community-based mapping of pastoralist resources and their attributes
Isiolo County Government, Government of Kenya
Jul 2015, Book/Report - ADA consortium
Inclusive green growth in Kenya: Opportunities in the dryland water and rangeland sectors
Caroline King-Okumu
Jun 2015, Book/Report - IIED
A House Full of Trap Doors: Identifying barriers to resilient drylands in the toolbox of pastoral development
Saverio Krätli, Brigitte Kaufmann, Hassan Roba, Pierre Hiernaux, Wenjun Li, Marcos Easdale, Christian Hülsebusch
May 2015, Book/Report - IIED
Resilience Building in Tanzania: Learning From Experiences of Institutional Strengthening
Sam Greene
May 2015, Book/Report - IIED
Economic value of camel milk in pastoralist communities in Ethiopia: Findings from Yabello district, Borana zone
Galma Wako
Apr 2015, Book/Report - IIED
Market chain analysis of live goats: Asaita District, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia
Gebremariam Gebrezgabher Gebremedhin, Yemiru Tesfaye
Apr 2015, Book/Report - IIED
Value chain analysis of the cattle trade in Moyale, southern Ethiopia: An economic assessment in Oromiya Regional State
Zekarias Bassa, Teshale Woldeamanuel
Apr 2015, Book/Report - IIED
The contribution of camel milk to pastoralist livelihoods in Ethiopia: An economic assessment in Somali Regional State
Sisay Kebede, Getachew Animut, Lemma Zemedu
Apr 2015, Book/Report - IIED