IIED Briefing Papers
Understanding key positions of the Least Developed Countries in climate change negotiations
Prakash Mathema, Achala Abeysinghe, Janna Tenzing
Sep 2014, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Monitoring and evaluating climate adaptation: a review of GCCA experience
Barry Smith, Emanuele Cuccillato, Simon Anderson
Sep 2014, Briefing - IIED
Technology transfer for Least Developed Countries
Brianna Craft
Sep 2014, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Engaging effectively in climate diplomacy: policy pointers from the Gambia
Bubu Pateh Jallow, Brianna Craft
Aug 2014, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Institutionalising adaptation monitoring and evaluation frameworks: Kenya
Irene Karani, Simon Anderson, Nyachomba Kariuki
Aug 2014, Briefing - IIED
A Government Group Network for Climate Change Mainstreaming Into Development Planning: 2014-2015 Strategy and Plan
Mousumi Pervin, Isatou F. Camara, Hari Prasad Sharma, Sheikh Moinul Islam Moin, Sihaba Haji Vuai, Vincent Mutie Nzau
Aug 2014, Book/Report
Community Based Adaptation: Financing Local Adaptation - Conference Proceedings
Hannah Reid, Adrian Fenton, Patrick Kirby, Emilie Parry, Erin Roberts, Barry Smith, Clare Stott, Alexander Stubbings, James Totton, Kate Wilson, Helena Wright
Jul 2014, Book/Report - IIED
Climate Change and Human Development
Hannah Reid
Jul 2014, Book/Report - Zed Books
Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD) in Kenya: Q3 Report - Feasibility Testing Phase
Irene Karani, Nyachomba Kariuki
Jun 2014, Book/Report - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Tracking adaptation and measuring development in Nepal
Susannah Fisher, Anil Shrestha, Prabha Pokhrel, Dinesh C. Devkota
Jun 2014, Briefing - IIED