Advancing equity in protected area conservation
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Recommendations to improve the impacts of agro-industrial activities on great ape conservation and livelihoods in Cameroon
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Mainstreaming biodiversity: conservation for the 21st century
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Project flyer. Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation: strengthening the evidence and informing policy
Hannah Reid
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Uganda Poverty and Conservation Learning Group Flyer
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Reframing the concept of alternative livelihoods
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Are alternative livelihood projects effective at reducing local threats to specified elements of biodiversity and/or improving or maintaining the conservation status of those elements?
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The Tuggoz Declaration on Climate Change and Mountain Indigenous Peoples
International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples
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Designing an effective biocultural heritage indication labelling system. Consultation document
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Engaging local communities in tackling illegal wildlife trade. Can a ‘Theory of Change’ help?
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