Developing a theory of change for a community-based response to illegal wildlife trade
Duan Biggs, Rosie Cooney, Holly Dublin, James R Allan, Dan Challender, Diane Skinner
Jul 2016, Book/Report - Wiley
Stone Village Declaration (May 2016)
Jun 2016, Book/Report
Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation: strengthening the evidence and informing policy. Research overview and overarching questions
Nathalie Seddon, Hannah Reid, Edmund Barrow, Charlotte Hicks, Xiaoting Hou-Jones, Val Kapos, Ali Raza Rizvi, Dilys Roe
May 2016, Book/Report - IIED
Project flyer. Local economic development through gorilla tourism, Uganda
Dilys Roe
May 2016 - IIED
Climate-Smart Pro-Poor Conservation: An evolving framework for exploring conservation programmes
Dilys Roe
May 2016, Book/Report - WWF
Évaluation sociale pour les aires protégées (SAPA) Guide méthodologique à l’intention des facilitateurs SAPA
Phil Franks, Rob Small
Mar 2016, Book/Report - IIED
Social Assessment for Protected Areas (SAPA) Methodology Manual for SAPA Facilitators
Phil Franks, Rob Small
Mar 2016, Book/Report - IIED
Understanding the social impacts of protected areas: a community perspective
Phil Franks, Rob Small
Mar 2016, Book/Report - IIED
Resilient Farming Systems in Times of Uncertainty: Biocultural Innovations in the Potato Park, Peru
Asociación ANDES
Mar 2016, Book/Report - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Nature’s stewards: how local buy-in can help tackle wildlife crime in Uganda
Henry Travers, Dilys Roe, Andrew Plumptre, Julia Baker, Aggrey Rwetsiba, E.J. Milner-Gulland
Mar 2016, Briefing - IIED