Human Settlements Working Paper
Urbanisation and Rural Development in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta: revisiting livelihood transformations in three fruit-growing settlements, 2006-2015
Hoang Xuan Thanh, Dinh Thi Thu Phuong, Dang Thi Thanh Hoa, Le Dinh Lap
Nov 2015, Book/Report - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Food vs forests in sub-Saharan Africa: a challenge for the SDGs
Xiaoting Hou Jones, Phil Franks
Nov 2015, Briefing - IIED
The Tuggoz Declaration on Climate Change and Mountain Indigenous Peoples
International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples
Oct 2015, Book/Report - IIED
Global or local food chains? Uncovering the dilemmas in Senegal and Peru
Ethel Del Pozo-Vergnes, Bill Vorley
Sep 2015, Book/Report - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Radical adaptation in agriculture: tackling the roots of climate vulnerability
Sonja Vermeulen, Melanie Mason, Dhanush Dinesh, Barbara Adolph
Sep 2015, Briefing - IIED
Designing an effective biocultural heritage indication labelling system. Consultation document
Graham Dutfield, Alejandro Argumedo, Krystyna Swiderska
Aug 2015, Book/Report - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Reviving knowledge: India’s rainfed farming, variability and diversity
Rajeswari S Raina, A Ravindra, Ramachandrudu M V, Kiran S
Aug 2015, Briefing - IIED
Land tenure conditions and the viability of irrigated rice farming
Frédéric Bazin
Aug 2015, Briefing - GWI West Africa
Les conditions foncières de la viabilité de la riziculture irriguée
Frédéric Bazin
Aug 2015, Briefing - GWI Afrique de l'Ouest
Human Settlements Working Paper
Cooking up a storm: Community-led mapping and advocacy with food vendors in Nairobi’s informal settlements
Sohel Ahmed, Edwin Simiyu, Grace Githiri, Alice Sverdlik, Shadrack Mbaka
Jun 2015, Book/Report - IIED