Land, investment and rights
Making the most of agricultural investment: A survey of business models that provide opportunities for smallholders
Lorenzo Cotula, Sonja Vermeulen
Jun 2010, Book/Report - IIED and FAO
IIED Briefing Papers
Accaparement des terres: ou opportunité de développement ?
Lorenzo Cotula, Sonja Vermeulen
Jan 2010, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Biofuels in Africa: growing small-scale opportunities
Sonja Vermeulen, Emmanuel Sulle and Swan Fauveaud
Nov 2009, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Just forest governance: how small learning groups can have big impact
James Mayers, Prodyut Bhattacharya, ChImere Diaw, Budhita Kismadi, Cath Long, Duncan Macqueen, Elaine Morrisson, Marcelo Mosse, Kyeretwie Opoku, Steven Ngubane, Bright Sibale, Nguyen Quang Tan, Bashir Twesigye, Sonja Vermeulen
Oct 2009, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
'Land grabs' in Africa: can the deals work for development?
Lorenzo Cotula, Sonja Vermeulen
Sep 2009, Briefing - IIED
Land, investment and rights
Land grab or development opportunity? Agricultural investment and international land deals in Africa
Lorenzo Cotula, Sonja Vermeulen, Rebeca Leonard, James Keeley
Jun 2009, Book/Report - IIED, FAO and IFAD
IIED Briefing Papers
Business models for sustainable development: innovation for society and environment
Emma Wilson, James MacGregor, Duncan Macqueen, Sonja Vermeulen, Bill Vorley, Lyuba Zarsky
May 2009, Briefing - IIED
IIED Briefing Papers
Shifting the balance: equity and sustainable consumption
Sonja Vermeulen, Ben Garside and Gabriela Weber De Morais
Jan 2009, Briefing - IIED
Fuelling exclusion? The biofuels boom and poor people's access to land
Lorenzo Cotula, Nat Dyer, Sonja Vermeulen
May 2008, Book/Report - FAO and IIED
Chain-Wide Learning for Inclusive Agrifood Market Development
Sonja, Vermeulen, Jim, Woodhill, Felicity, Proctor, Rik, Delnoye
May 2008, Book/Report - IIED; Wageningen University