Ordering and information

We offer materials and printed publications at no cost to subscribers in poorer (non-OECD) countries. To find out more and subscribe to the scheme, please contact us.

Limited numbers of evaluation copies are available please contact us if you wish to review any of our new publications.

Publications are authored by both staff and partners. Please refer to our staff pages to direct specific questions.

We are not an external publishing service so please don't send us manuscripts or publishing proposals.

Copyright and permissions

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright rights of all material published by IIED belong exclusively to IIED. However most of our material is free to download and we encourage others to share. That means you are generally free to copy, distribute and display the work for non-profit purposes, provided the original source and author is given credit.

For quotes, less than 400 words it constitutes ‘fair use’ and need only be referenced (with double quotes around it). Permission will need to be sought for longer quotes.

If you have any queries regarding permissions, we encourage you to contact us.


  Environment & Urbanization Urban and environmental issues
  Participatory Learning & Action A forum for participatory work
  Gatekeeper series Natural resource management