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Darwin Initiative April Newsletter

The Darwin Initiative April newsletter features coverage of IIED's chimpanzee conservation project.

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  • External: X00105
  • Published: Apr 2013 - Darwin Initiative
  • Area: Uganda
  • Theme: Economics
  • Language: English

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Project information

Chimpanzees in Uganda are under threat as their habitat is lost to agriculture and human settlements. Central to this problem is the attitude of most farmers that chimpanzees and forest habitat conservation are a threat to their own livelihoods. IIED and Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) aim to show how an equitable and financially sustainable payment scheme can compensate local landholders for conserving and restoring forest habitats and for protecting chimpanzee populations.

More at www.iied.org:
Paying local communities for ecosystem services: The Chimpanzee Conservation Corridor