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Commerce and cruises: a comparative study of Jamaican waterfront transformations

David Dodman

Journal article

Caribbean urban waterfronts have been extensively modified in recent decades to encourage business (especially through the development of new commercial districts) and tourism (particularly in the form of cruise shipping). This paper draws on three case studies from Jamaica to explore the processes through which waterfronts have been redeveloped and the ways in which these spaces are used. The transformation and ongoing management of these waterfronts involve the negotiation of a complex set of power relationships between stakeholders operating at a variety of scales, including national governments, the private sector, Jamaican citizens and tourists. The position of waterfronts at the junction of the “urban” and the “natural” environments provides a fruitful nexus for examining the intricacies of society–nature relationships, and illustrates the ways in which ideas of modernity, development, identity and exclusion are incorporated into the local environment.

Publication information

  • External: X00018
  • Published: 2008 - Routledge
  • Area: Jamaica, Caribbean
  • Theme: Urban
  • Source pub: Local Environment
  • Language: English

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Dodman, D. (2008). "Commerce and cruises: a comparative study of Jamaican waterfront transformations." Local Environment 13(7), pages 571-587.