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Conditional transfers, poverty and ecosystems National Programme Highlights - Sloping lands conversion Programme in China

Over the past 20 years market-based instruments, such as Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) and other forms of conditional social transfers (CSTs) have been used to improve ecosystems and alleviate poverty. The experience of combining objectives and instruments is growing, as is our understanding of synergies (what do we gain by combining?) and trade-offs (what do we lose?), and what is necessary to upscale from project to programme.
This document presents a description of the main features of the programme, discussing the key enabling conditions for success, trade-offs and strategies, including links to national policy and global agendas (e.g. SDGs, Paris agreements, how to add value to natural capital). It also highlights the main lessons for learning beyond the PRC experience.

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This project will explore the potential for combining payments for ecosystem services (PES) and conditional social transfers (CST) at national and sub-national level to simultaneously alleviate poverty and address environmental problems.

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Conditional transfers for poverty reduction and ecosystem management