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Team profile: Agroecology, Natural Resources research group

Barbara Adolph

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A summary of the agroecology team's strategic objectives, recent achievements and initiatives for which it seeks further support.

The Agroecology team aims to strengthen local control and resilience in agricultural and food systems — by improving livelihoods, food security and sustainability, and resilience to shocks and stresses. We work on two broad sub-themes:

Resilient smallholder farming – strengthen collaborative innovation and policy influence for smallholder farmers to enhance resilience and local control of agricultural systems. We focus in particular on understanding and supporting farmer-led innovation that is based on local knowledge and resources. We seek to understand how and why different types of farmers make different farming and livelihood choices, and how these choices are influenced by external factors.

Locally beneficial food systems – ensure strong evidence of the benefits and feasibility of sustainable and equitable production systems co-generated with and recognised by mainstream actors, thereby contributing to better policy and practice. Our work aims to promote farming systems that are more sustainable, productive and resilient. We conduct analysis of agri-food systems, including the policy and institutional environment that supports or hinders sustainability and equity.

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