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Smallholder innovation for resilience (SIFOR)

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For centuries, small-scale farmers and indigenous people have developed new tools and strategies to cope with their harsh environments — resilient crop varieties, genetically diverse seed systems and resource-conserving technologies. Many of these could prove vital in the effort to adapt agriculture to climate change. And yet most agricultural investment focuses on ‘top-down’ research and development, weakening the capacity of local people to innovate for independent adaptation. Through participatory action-research, tools development and capacity building, the SIFOR project will help redress the balance: nurturing smallholder advances and traditional knowledge, identifying innovations that enhance productivity; and linking small-scale farmers with crop scientists in four focal countries.

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  • IIED code: G03557
  • Published: 2012 - IIED
  • Theme: Biodiversity
  • Language: English

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IIED is working with partners in China, India, Kenya and Peru to revitalise traditional knowledge-based – or 'biocultural' – innovation systems of smallholder farmers in order to strengthen food security in the face of climate change.

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Smallholder innovation for resilience (SIFOR)