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Climate Change And Development Consultation On Key Researchable Issues Section 4: South Asia Region Section 4.2. India Scoping Study


Document begins: CLIMATE CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION ON KEY RESEARCHABLE ISSUES SECTION 4: SOUTH ASIA REGION SECTION 4.2. INDIA SCOPING STUDY TERI Saleemul Huq and Hannah Reid Climate Change Group International Institute for Environment and Development 3 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H 0DD, UK Tel: (+44 20) 7388 2117 Fax: (+44 20) 7388 2826 Email: saleemul.huq@iied.org hannah.reid@iied.org 2 Climate change and development: India country report May 2005 Climate Change and Development: India Country Report Prepared for DFID, UK Project Report No. 2004GW35 w w w . t e r i i n . o r g The Energy and Resources Institute T E R I Report No. 2004GW35 3 Climate change and development: India country report T E R I Report No. 2004GW35 4 Climate change and development: India country report Table of Contents PAGE NOS. INTRODUCTION 4 CLIMATE CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW 6 AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SECURITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE 13 WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND CLIMATE CHA NGE 18 DISASTERS AND CLIMATE CHANGE 22 PUBLIC HEALTH AND CLI MATE CHANGE 26 LIVELIHOODS AND CLIMATE CHANGE 29 FORESTRY AND CLIMATE CHANGE 31 COASTAL AREAS AND CLI MATE CHANGE 34 ENERGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE AND CLIMATE CHANGE 36 CONCLUSIONS ...

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  • IIED code: G00056
  • Published: no date
  • Theme: Climate change
  • Language: English

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