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Signposts on the Superhighway: African environment - A guide to news and resources on the Internet

Book/Report, 86 pages

'Signposts on the Superhighway' sets out to encourage reporting on African environmental issues by providing a guide to relevant Web and e.mail resources including news, features and research sources for both print and broadcast media. It was compiled with the requirements of African journalists and broadcasters in mind but will be of interest to anyone concerned with the African environmenrt.
The guide includes over 150 listings and outliines the contents of each site, how easy it is to use and how frequently the site should be 'visited'. In addition, the guide includes a short section on how to keep telephone and equipment costs down, a glossary, guide on search engines, a list of further sources of information on the Internet, a section on radio resources, tips on how to create new work patterns and ideas on how to convince editors to get on-line.

Publication information

  • IIED code: 8807IIED
  • Published: 1998 - Panos Publications Ltd
  • Theme: Policy and planning
  • Language: English

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