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Beyond Farmer First

Ian Scoones, John Thompson Editors

Book, 288 pages

The interest and support that the Farmer First philosophy has received since the mid-80’s has led to a virtual revolution in the agricultural sciences. Some have argued that this populist perspective fails to capture the complex sociocultural and political economic dimensions of knowledge creation, innovation, transmission and application within rural societies and scientific organisations. The purpose of Beyond farmer First is to reveal how agricultural research and extension, far from being discrete, rational acts, are in fact part of a process of coming to terms with conflicting interests and viewpoints. Beyond Farmer First places agricultural development as a highly political and ideological process. A
As Robert Chambers notes in his foreword, the concerns of Farmer First with performance, and Beyond Farmer First with process, indicate that a radical rethinking of knowledge, power and agricultural science is well under way.
This book contains 36 contributions representing agronomy, agricultural science, anthropology, ecology, entomology, forestry, geography, management, science, pedagogy, sociology and others. Contributors are drawn from Academia, local NGO’s and international and national research d development agencies, with detailed case material from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Central and South America and Europe.

Publication information

  • IIED code: 8523IIED
  • Published: 1994 - IT Publications
  • Theme: Food and agriculture
  • ISBN: 1-85339250-2
  • Language: English

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