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Farmers' Research in Practice: Lessons from the field

In many parts of the world, farmers are seeking ways to improve their farming systems and to adapt their practices to changing agroecological and socioeconomic conditions. The contributions to this book give evidence of how farmers adopt, adapt and formulate new ideas and innovations, try them out in different settings, evaluate and assess the results, and make decisions about their value for improving the way they farm. The book examines farmers’ innovations through seventeen wide-ranging case studies from around the world. The first part tries to understand how farmers do research, the second looks at how technical options are added to farmers’ experience, the third deals with ways to improve the experimental design and the last theme is how to sustain the process. In the concluding chapter, the editors bring together the lessons learnt, and set out the future issues and challenges for governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in agricultural development.

Publication information

  • IIED code: 8500IIED
  • Published: 1997 - IT Publications
  • Theme: Food and agriculture
  • ISBN: 1-85339-392-4
  • Language: English

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