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Sustainable Cities Revisited III

Journal article, 230 pages

For more information see www.environmentandurbanization.org

All but the last four issues of this journal are free online. Recent issues require a subscription to view the articles although the editorial and summaries are free to download (see below)

This issue includes articles on:
- Local Agenda 21 in Leicester (UK)
- The politics of sustainable cities in Mangalore (India)
- Changes in urban wateruse in East Africa over three decades
- Community toilets in Pune (India)
- Privatizing water and sanitation for the urban poor
- Partnerships in Nakuru’s Local Agenda 21 (Kenya)
- Cities, disasters and livelihoods
- Privatization and waste management in Benin City (Nigeria)
- The consumption of fertile land in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
- The loss of agricultural land in Saharanpur City (India)
- Integrative analysis of Bangkok
- The potential for recycling in Mexicali (Mexico)
- Environmental management in Surabaya (Indonesia)
- Urban change in Egypt
- The UNICEF initiative on child-friendly cities

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