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Poor Die Young: Housing and health in Third World cities, The

Editors: Jorge E Hardoy, Sandy Cairncross, David Satterthwaite

Book/Report, 309 pages

"The authors concentrate on detailed analyses of cities... they consider innovative schemes for dealing with the problems, the needs of the people and how they could be met. In a fascinating chapter, they peer into the future and see what might happen if no changes are made in governmental and aid agencies' approaches and what could be achieved if lessons are drawn from present failures" The Guardian
"This volume shows hundreds of examples of self-help, in cities as diverse as Allahabad, Rio de Janeiro and Khartoum. There, people are improving their health by upgrading their neighbourhoods, in ways that are far cheaper and more enduring than any of the large-scale projects advocated by planners and engineers trained in the western mode" New Statesman and Society
"A well structured collection of essays concerning health, its relation to environmental conditions among the urban poor, and the kinds of innovative, low cost improvements that can and have been adopted both by governments and deprived communities themselves." Development in Practice

Publication information

  • IIED code: 5121IIED
  • Published: 1990 - Earthscan
  • Theme: Urban
  • ISBN: 1-85383-019-4
  • Language: English

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