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What people want from REDD+: assessing local views and preferences

Studies in five countries reveal very variable views on key aspects of REDD+, such as preferences for types of community and individual commitment, and for cash versus in-kind payment. Factors such as gender, ethnicity and land tenure mean preferences vary both between and within communities. REDD+ policy and projects need to assess and consider these views. Methods might include choice experiment surveys that ask people to prioritise pre-chosen packages of options, open-ended focus group discussions and a hybrid approach that attempts to combine the advantages of both.

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IIED is looking at how REDD+, a scheme which aims to compensate developing countries to reduce carbon emissions and conserve and sustainably manage their forests, can be designed to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty, as well as reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

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Designing REDD+ to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty