Chain-Wide Learning for Inclusive Agrifood Market Development

Modern agrifood markets are dynamic. Rapid changes in how food is produced, processed, wholesaled and retailed affects the entire value chain - from producer to consumer. Particularly in countries with developing and emerging economies, the pace of change brings significant challenges for small-scale producers, policy makers and business.

This guide provides concepts and tools for working with actors along the entire value chain so that modern markets can be more inclusive of small-scale producers and entrepreneurs. It:
Explains the drivers of change in modern agrifood markets
Provides a framework for analysing how institutions and policies shape the risks and opportunities for small-scale producers and entrepreneurs
Shows how to design multi-stakeholder processes that help actors from along the chain work together to realise common interests and secure domestic and regional markets inclusive of small-scale producers and entrepreneurs
Offers practical ideas for facilitating workshops and policy dialogues

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.
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May 2008 - IIED; Wageningen University 
Agriculture, Markets 
ISBN 978-90-8504-964-7 
112 pages (Book/Report) + CD-ROM data 
Vermeulen, S., Woodhill, J., Proctor, F.J. and Delnoye, R. (2008), 'Chain-wide learning for inclusive agrifood market development: a guide to multi-stakeholder processes for linking small-scale producers with modern markets.'International Institute f