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Guide to investing in locally controlled forestry

Dominic Elson


This Guide to Investing in Locally Controlled Forestry (ILCF) emerged out of 11 international dialogues that assembled more than 400 people to discuss how to make ILCF happen. It is a primarily a tool for practical action – providing guidance on how to structure enabling investments and prepare the ground for asset investments that yield acceptable returns and reduced risk, not only for investors, but also for local forest right-holders, national
governments and society at large. After providing strong justification for this approach, the guide sets out a framework for structuring investments with tactical advice for building the partnerships necessary for successful ILCF. The core of the guide is a roadmap to successful ILCF that covers the business stages of proposition, establishment, validation, preparation, negotiation and performance management – with practical advice for both investors and forest right-holder groups. Case studies of successful ILCF and a range of useful templates and sources of further information are provided. The guide is produced by the Growing Forest Partnerships initiative, supported by the FAO, IIED, IUCN, TFD and the World Bank.

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Elson, D. (2012), Guide to investing in locally controlled forestry, Growing Forest Partnerships in association with FAO, IIED, IUCN, The Forests Dialogue and the World Bank. IIED, London, UK.
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To restore forests and get out of poverty, rural communities need the knowledge and connections to build flourishing enterprises. Forest landscapes are among the most isolated and marginalised areas in the world, where land, food and energy security and income generation are pressing concerns. Achieving sustainable development in the forest landscape while addressing those immediate needs is a complex challenge that requires joined-up efforts.

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