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A framework to assess returns on investments in the dryland systems of Northern Kenya

The potential for economic growth and development in the arid and semi-arid lands of Northern Kenya is arguably higher than in more humid parts of the region. Local governments must identify those investments which will benefit local people most.

In the absence of frameworks to compare the benefits of proposed investments with those provided by the existing, largely pastoral economy, the wrong decisions could be made, especially given the changing climate.

This working paper is intended to stimulate and contribute to a discussion of how the returns on land-based investments in the drylands should be evaluated. It presents an assessment framework for weighing the total economic value of the ecosystem services provided by pastoral and mixed land-use systems under anticipated climate changes and variability.

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Caroline King-Okumu. 2015. A framework to assess returns on investments in the dryland systems of Northern Kenya. IIED Working Paper. IIED, London.
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Local governments in the drylands of Kenya, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania are establishing local-level climate adaptation funds with technical support from IIED and other partners, thereby building their readiness to access and disburse national and global climate finance in support of community prioritised investments that build climate resilience.

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Local climate finance funding community-prioritised adaptation