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Resilience building in Tanzania: learning from experiences of institutional strengthening

Sam Greene

Working paper

Tanzania's northern districts are extremely vulnerable to climate change. In the past, community livelihood strategies have allowed people to remain productive in the context of climatic variability. But adaptive capacity is being undermined by the changing climate and the government's inability to support people's needs.
This working paper reviews the enabling environment for climate resilient development in Tanzania, and learning from local government efforts to strengthen institutional capacity adaptation and development planning.

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Sam Greene. 2015. Resilience Building in Tanzania: Learning From Experiences of Institutional Strengthening: Review of learning and early contributions to Climate Resilient Development. IIED Working Paper. IIED, London.

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County and local governments in the drylands of Kenya, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania are establishing local-level climate adaptation funds with technical support from IIED and government and non-government organisations. These funds improve their readiness to access and disburse national and global climate finance, supporting community-prioritised investments to build climate resilience.

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Local climate finance mechanism helping to fund community-prioritised adaptation